Before you apply read the disposal regulation applied by law to use Dia Driver sharing services.


1.1 This contract is valid for two years, being automatically renewed for a period of one year if neither party terminates it by registered letter, 60 days before its termination.

1.2 the contract may be void:
- when one of the parties communicates to the other party, in writing, fifteen days before the expiration of any period of validity, which wishes its annulment.
- when one of the circumstances that give rise to the cancellation of the subscription occurs, namely:
a) for withdrawal of the subscription holder;
b) for abandoning the installation;
c) for illegal use;
d) due to the dissolution or bankruptcy of the signature holder (Company or firm);
e) for lack of repeated payment;
f) for recurrence in the unfounded opposition to access to the facilities by the accredited agents of Dia Sharing Driver.


2.1 The service will be suspended when one of the following circumstances occurs:
a) lack of payment within the established deadlines;
b) use without valid contract;
c) Unfounded opposition to the access to the instances by DIA SHARING DRIVER accredited agents; change of installation without authorization from DIA SHARING DRIVER

2.2 It constitutes “illegal use” of the installation:
a) the assignment to third parties, through remuneration for use, except in cases expressly authorized;
b) the use of installation in communication:
(1) aim to undermine state security, public order and good customs;
(2) the constituted authorities are, in some way, insulting the debt considerations;
(3) have as their object the preparation of crimes;
(4) are intended to prevent justice from proceeding in the investigation of crimes or in the pursuit of criminals;
(5) they offend or experience criminal or offensive ideas of laws and good customs.


3.1 The holder of the subscription contract is responsible for the use by third parties of the respective installation.

3.2 The service must be used by the client within the normative and contractual limits, constituting its improper use and the client's practice of any applicable acts and rules.

3.3 The entity providing public services must make use of the services within the strict scope of their authorization, permission or concession, under penalty of being considered as misuse of the service.

3.4 Once the client has misused the service, DIA SHARING DRIVER in accordance with point 2 of this provision, may, at its sole discretion, terminate the contract, regardless of any judicial or extra-judicial procedure.

3.5. It is 'abandonment of the facility' the use of the facilities abandoned by the subscription holder or when there have been changes by the tenant without the necessary transfer of the subscription.